Our Little Arrows programs unleashes the ARROWS in every little girl. We prepare her for a lifetime of knowing who She is and knowing Her value in the world.

Armor of Protection
Respect of Self
Own Her Behavior
Widens Her World View
Sees Her Success

Little Arrows Squad Program


Why Little Arrows Squads ?

Little Girls today are bombarded with the pressures of what it means to grow up in a world where social media dominates. Wanting to be popular with so many followers and dealing with unkind words or bullying are things our girls will face. Even girls as young as 3 years old are mastering the use of smart phones, so to think that they are not going to want to use one is not really smart. So what if we could start early in helping Her understand who she is and value She brings to the table! We believe that if we start early to teach Her these things, she will have a better chance at overcoming these pressures when she enters the school system. We also talk about kindness versus bullying to teach her that sometimes bullys hurt too. With the growing news around sexual abuse and sexual harassment, it is paramount that we teach Her how to always be safe. The data shows that most sexual abuse occurs amongst someone the family knows. Additionally, we stretch her thinking to give her words and tools to use to become more gritty and brave.


What makes us different from Girl Scouts?

When we had an in person Squad, we recruited across our city so that we had a more diverse group of girls. Typically Girl Scout Troops operate in same neighborhood. We want to expose our Squad early to the value of diversity, so we recruit a diverse group of girls.

Agreement for Little Arrows Squad

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