Do you want to sharpen your leadership skills? Our leadership program is for you!

About the program

The Leadership Mastery Institute is comprised of educators who coach professional women of color to rise to their highest level of achievement in leadership and philanthropy. Using the empirical evidence garnered from over 300 coaching sessions with professional women over five years, executive & certified coach, Luz Canino-Baker has tailored this culturally-relevant leadership program to meet the professional development needs of women of color.

The curriculum was also devised under the guidance of Dr. Damary Bonilla-Rodriguez whose doctoral dissertation comprehensively analyzed the profile of Latina leaders across the United States. And, Dr. Michelle Rivera provided insight based on her research of communication and Latina/o media.

How does the program work? 

Three months immersed in the language of Influential Leadership & Philanthropy

Program begins in September and ends in November

Evenings 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. weekly

Limited to 10 trailblazing women

Five key tools of a leader

Ability Tapping into each woman’s natural leadership ability we will provide a unique culturally- based curriculum to sharpen her leadership skills.

Authority In the workplace leaders are generally given authority based on position, however the research shows that authority is more than position. We will learn how to use powerful language that will put her in the power seat.

Character The character of a person speaks volumes. Through a series of self-assessments tools including Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs, Influence and Strengthsfinder we will make each woman aware of her professional assets and the value she brings to the workplace. We will also teach her how to maximize the people she leads by tapping into each person’s values and talents.

Persuasion A Leader’s ability to move people to be their best is a key skill we will drive home via our curriculum. A Leader will be trusted and followed when the ones they lead know that they have their best interest at heart.

Pay it Forward An understanding of philanthropy and the effect it could have on changing a community will be taught. There is a philanthropic project that the women will be required to complete during the year in the program.
Who should apply?

  • A woman who has completed her bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Has her eyes set on Leadership Roles.
  • Has consistently volunteered to serve her community.
  • Works for a corporation, non-profit, government, or is an entrepreneur.

Participant Benefits

  • An exclusive three-month program for a carefully selected cohort
  • Ten leadership sessions.
  • Relevant self-assessments including Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs, Influence, and Strengthsfinder with debriefs by a Executive Coach
  • Executive coaching
  • Philanthropic project
  • Exposure to philanthropy and community organizations that are looking for trained Latina board candidates
  • Best leadership practices
  • Benefits of cultural skills in the global workplace
  • Identify and understand the strengths of her employees and teams
  • Increase her Emotional Intelligence
  • Meet with local philanthropists and learn how to create endowments and other forms of philanthropy
  • Benefit from a professional audit of her social media audit and a revised resume, optional
  • A weekend retreat with entire cohort
  • Books and workbooks
  • Featured on the Latinas On The Plaza website
  • Priceless relationships with cohort and professors
  • Professional head-shot and Bio optional

Program Cost/Limits/Payment Plan

Valued at $6000

Your cost: $3500 plus $375 Material-Basic Package or $4825 Professional Package

Deposit $500 to guarantee your spot in the program plus $375 Material Cost

Note: Payment $1500 due July 31 and August 11. Remaining balance due by Sept. 30
Employer Benefits

  • A fully vetted talented woman who has graduated from a comprehensive leadership program.
  • Access to special events to meet all the talented women in the program



Comprehensive Assessments: Emotional Intelligence, MBTI, Influence, & Strengthsfinder for Leaders
We will begin with a weekend retreat. We start with Session 1-Life-work integration and then follow with Session 2 on devising a 5-Year Life Plan.

Session 3

Team Effectiveness ( Luz Canino-Baker )
Each participant will take the Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.i.-2.0) before the class. Emotional Intelligence in the workplace is a key leadership skill. You will learn where you are strong and where there is room to grow.

Session 4

Commitment & Grit ( Tamika Lechee’ Morales)
Commitments are powerful because they influence how you think, how you sound, and how you act. Grit is a predictor of individuals who will thrive and succeed at what they focus on. We will take a GRIT assessment in the class and discover where GRIT touch-up is needed.

Session 5

Executive Presence ( Guest Lecturer)
Communication expert Karen Friedman says oftentimes people who exhibit executive presence exude a “Wow Factor,” or magnetism, and are able to easily influence others. We will conduct some video tapings to identify each individuals development areas.

Session 6

Making Decisions Under Fire ( Guy Summers)
The ability to make decisions either on the spot or long-range decisions is certainly a key attribute of a leader. How that decision is made is a key behavior observed by the team. Who is involved in the decision can also affect acceptance or rejection of the decision. We will use a couple of case studies in class.

Session 7

Team Effectiveness ( Luz Canino-Baker)
This session will examine the participant’s ability to lead people. Through the use of MBTI the participants will begin to distinguish the 16 personality types that exist in their teams and in their staff. Knowing how to relate to each team member to command respect and “all for one” commitment is the goal.

Session 8

Imposter Syndrome/Courage (Luz Canino-Baker)
In this session the participants will come to term with limiting behaviors, also known as the Imposter Syndrome. We will explore how the culture plays into these limiting beliefs and develop new beliefs that move us forward. We will use the book The Emperor Has No Clothes by Joyce M Roche as the basis of the conversation

Session 10

Introduction to Influence (Luz Canino-Baker)
The world’s most influential leaders, writers, and business people know the real secret to influence. Influence starts with you, not the other person. The Keller Influence Indicator® will be used to help you leverage and maximize positive influence.

Session 10

Paying It Forward (Various Speakers)
The concept of philanthropy will be explored as each woman will have to lead a philanthropic project that will be presented to non-profit leaders (shark style).


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