The Leadership Mastery Institute is comprised of educators who coach professional women of color to rise to their highest level of achievement in leadership and philanthropy. Using the empirical evidence garnered from over 300 coaching sessions with professional women over five years, executive & certified coach, Luz Canino-Baker has tailored this culturally-relevant leadership program to meet the professional development needs of women of color.

The curriculum was also devised under the guidance of Dr. Damary Bonilla-Rodriguez whose doctoral dissertation comprehensively analyzed the profile of Latina leaders across the United States. And, Dr. Michelle Rivera provided insight based on her research of communication and Latina/o media.

How does the program work?

Six month Leadership Program


Program includes a weekend retreat, then meets biweekly.

It is a 6 month program with a 6 month accountability period post graduation
  • Weekend Retreat Wisconsin or Michigan location
  • GRIT Class
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personality Types (Myers Briggs)
  • Strengths as a Leader
  • Is the Imposter Syndrome limiting Me
  • Executive Presence
  • Influence/Negotiation
  • Graduation

Limit : 25 Latina Women

Program runs in the Fall

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3 phases of
archer leadership program


Self Awareness

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • StrengthsFinder for Leaders Assessment
  • Insight Discovery Assessments


How Others Experience My Leadership

  • Feedback
  • Decision Making Assessment
  • Team Project


Becoming an Influential Leader

  • Influence Assessment
  • Developing 7 Traits of Influence

Five key tools of a leader



Tapping into each woman’s natural leadership ability we will provide a unique culturally- based curriculum to sharpen her leadership skills.



In the workplace leaders are generally given authority based on position, however the research shows that authority is more than position. We will learn how to use powerful language that will put her in the power seat.



The character of a person speaks volumes. Through a series of self-assessments tools including Emotional Intelligence, Myers Briggs, Influence and Strengthsfinder we will make each woman aware of her professional assets and the value she brings to the workplace. We will also teach her how to maximize the people she leads by tapping into each person’s values and talents.



A Leader’s ability to move people to be their best is a key skill we will drive home via our curriculum. A Leader will be trusted and followed when the ones they lead know that they have their best interest at heart.


Pay it Forward

An understanding of philanthropy and the effect it could have on changing a community will be taught. There is a philanthropic project that the women will be required to complete during the year in the program.

Virtual Program for Professional Women

Participant Benefits

  • A woman of competence
  • A woman committed to a community
  • A woman of character
  • A leader on solid ground

Who should apply to the ArcHer Leadership Program?

  • A woman who has completed her bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Has her eyes set on Leadership Roles.
  • Has consistently volunteered to serve her community.
  • Works for a corporation, non-profit, government, or is an entrepreneur.

Program Tuition

Live classes $2500 plus $375 material cost
Special Virtual Class $1500

$500 to guarantee your seat. 

How the Program works

10 live classes at Brookfield Office, includes retreat

Employer Benefits

  • A fully vetted talented woman who has graduated from a comprehensive leadership program.
  • Access to special events to meet all the talented women in the program

Philanthropy Alumni Donations Back to Organizations

Hours of Leadership Development

Latina Alumni

Mentored FUERTE Students

Volunteer On a Regular Bases

Curriculum Includes

Phase One: Self-Awareness

Session I: Life-Work Integration

Assess your priorities to determine where you are out-of-balance. The instructor will use her amazing bag exercises to help you visualize the current and future state.

Session II: Emotional Intelligence

Using EQ i.2.0 assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report that measures where you are on the 15 categories of emotional intelligence. We will spend the entire class studying explorer Ernest Shackleton’s survival along with 28 men using his emotional intelligence.

Session III: Strengths

Gallup states that only 2 out of 10 play to their strengths every day. That means that 80% are functioning daily in their areas of weakness. Any wonder why survey results show that 68% are disengaged at work. This class will use Strengthsfinder results to identify ways to become the 2 out of 10.

Phase Two: How Others See You as a Leader

Session IV: Powerful Commitments & GRIT

Via various experiences this class will help you assess what is holding you back. Your GRIT score will reveal some answers. You will be expected to define some BHAGS.

Session V: Influential Teams

Have your surveys revealed disenfranchised employees? Do you have high turnover and low productivity? Could it be that you don’t assign the right work to the right people? We will use Myers Briggs to first gain awareness of our dominant traits and then it will help you identify them in your team. You will have the power to create an effective team

Session VI: Decision Making

a key skill that leaders must do. However, you must recognize how you make your decisions. We will use Myers Briggs to help you understand your decision making style.

Phase Three: Becoming an Influential Leader

Session VII: Design Your Life Plan

This class will allow you to imagine your future to design it for the next five years. We will also map your next 2-3 career moves.

Session VIII: Influence

Have your surveys revealed disenfranchised employees, do you have high turnover, and low productivity. Could it be that you don’t assign the right work to the right people. We will use Myers Briggs to first gain awareness of our dominant traits and then it will help you identify them in your team. You will have the power to create an effective team


Session IX: Executive Presence and The Imposter Syndrome

You will learn what is gravitas and the how to develop it. You will learn how to manage the imposter syndrome we have or will experience in our lives.

Session X: Capstone Project & Case Study Presentation

Throughout the program you will be working on an Ideal You Capstone Project. Additionally, you will work with a team on a Case Study that will be presented in this class to a Psuedo Board of Directors.

I want to know more about the ArcHer Leadership Program.

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