Preparing our young women to be Fuerte/Strong is our priority. Program runs in the Spring.

  • About the program

    The FUERTE program will immerse the young women of color in learning key success skills that will prepare her for the dynamics of the workplace. She will be challenged, taught key disciplines, all while receive mentoring and coaching throughout the duration of the program.

    The program is unique in that it mirrors the army’s 10-week boot camp. We use experiential learning to teach the key success skills in order to make the learning more memorable.

  • How the Program works
    10-weeks long each Spring
    Location: Berwyn Park District
  • The key tools of leadership
    The program will immerse the young woman of color in key success skills required to thrive in Corporate America and/or other organizations. The program is comprised of 10 key skills:

    • Integrity/Time Management
    • Thinking on your feet
    • Taking Direction
    • Teamwork
    • GRIT
    • Confidence/Presentation Skills
    • Weapons of leadership
    • Combat skills for the workplace
    • Camaraderie
    • Markmanship

  • Who should apply

    • Between the ages of 24-32
    • Undergraduate degree or in process
    • Aspires to have a business career

  • Participants benefits

    • A cohort who will support and encourage your growth and development
    • An exclusive 10-week program with a carefully selected cohort
    • Relevant group project selected cohort
    • Learn how to effectively navigate the workplace landscape
    • Ten culturally based, highly interactive and creative sessions
    • Use cultural skills in the global work environment
    • Focus on your health and wellness
    • Career coaching
    • Books
    • Mentors assigned to team
    • Access to other ambitious young Latinas in your cohort
    • Access to instructors who have a passion to see you succeed

  • Program Cost

    Value: $4,000
    Your Cost: $1,000
    $200 Deposit to guarantee your spot in the program
  • Employer Benefits
    A credentialed young woman of color who has been trained on key success skills that will improve her ability to thrive and grow in your organization.
  • Curriculum Includes

    Week Zero:  Transformation Begins.

    This is preparation time for each student. She will buy the class material and ensure that every Saturday is marked on her calendar. She will announce departure from the normal routines for the next 10 weeks to family and friends.

     Week One:  Fall In Reception.

    Meet your team, rules and regulations, and the process for the next 10 weeks. Additionally an introduction to health and wellness, which will span the life of the program will be covered. The topic of Integrity and Time Management will be covered as each student begins to understand the importance of being her word. A social event will be part of the day and begin the process of collaboration. Mentors will be in attendance at the social event.

    Week Two: Building Confidence .

    Confidence requires getting out of your comfort zone. We challenge each student with several improv exercises that require them to think and act fast and to let go of fear of speaking up in public. This class is quite transformational in that each student realizes that they can do improv.

    Week Three:  Taking Directions.

    A retired army colonel will teach how to take directions even when you don’t know how to do it and you are afraid. She will share her personal journey which gained her respect and acceptance as a woman in the army.

    Week Four: Camaraderie .

    Understanding your personality type is the beginning of knowing how to connect with others. We use Myers Briggs to understand ourselves and then we gain an understanding of the other 15 personality types in the workplace. We use a living table exercise to cement the learning.

    Week Five: Building Your Personal Brand .

    Understanding your strengths and values and the message you are communicating to the world will be explored. We will use Strengthsfinders to look inwardly and then garner in understanding of how to better connect with others. A look at the personal brand from a social media perspective is so important to ensure our brand is reflecting our values and strengths and expertise.

    Week Six:  Endurance/GRIT.

    Angela Duckworth’s research reflects GRIT as a predictor of who will survive difficult positions such as Navy Seal training or West Point training. We will teach each student how to be grittier.

    Week Seven:  Markmanship-The Weapons of Leadership.

    Highly stressful conditions will be simulated requiring the student to face her fears. We do this by tackling High Ropes which features 16 different challenges rain or shine.

    Week Eight:  Trials-Thinking Outside the Box.

    Through a series of hands-on activities the students will have to think fast and act fast to participate. We will stretch her thinking and limitations. Part of the challenge with a life skill is taking time to examine one’s life to paint a picture of the path we want to take. We will work on a 5-Year Life Plan in this class.

    Week Nine: Combat Skill Development.

    Violence, disrespect, and backstabbing does live in the workplace, although few companies will admit it. We will use hear from an instructor who had some experiences and use actual case studies to learn how to develop more effective skills to counter these behaviors in the workplace. We will tackle the personal challenge of managing our financials as part of the necessary combat life skills.

    Week Ten: Victory Forged.

    Each student will demonstrate key learnings including project management, and presentation skills as they make formal presentations to a panel.

    : Graduation & Celebration Ceremony.