Curriculum for Little Arrows III Includes

A carefully chosen curriculum for little girls in Second grade.

Session I: Widen her worldview by meeting new friends

Making friends is so much harder for girls. We will help our Little Arrows to be confident and kind, attributes that will help them make friends.



Session II: Being a Rebel Girl

Growing up as little girls, we’ve been taught to color within the lines that other people have drawn for us. It’s time to stop passing these lessons on.

Little Arrows will learn how to embrace their full potential with joy and determination and be a Rebel Girl!


Session III: ROAR

Body Safety – Little Arrows learn that their bodies are their own, know who they can tell and know who they can trust to always be Safe.


Session IV: Own Her Behavior

Emotional Intelligence – Little Arrows will learn that Knowing what they are feeling is important so that they can find the best way to respond. We will learn to express our feelings with words and actions that move Her to courage and determination.


Session V: Emotions and Teamwork

Sees her Success & Emotional Intelligence – Little Arrows will have to share and express ideas to solve the Escape Room challenges. They will learn to function as a team for the greatest success.



Session VI: Teamwork and GRIT

Widen Her World View – Little Arrows will be placed in teams to do High Ropes and Zip Lines. The challenges will offer opportunities to conquer their fears and rely on their team for encouragement to finish strong.


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