Empower a Young Woman of Color

About Us

Our mission is to help women of color rise to their full potential


Latinas On The Plaza  became a  501-C-3 non-profit organization in 2015.  Our focus is on accelerating the pathway to success for women of color.  We serve the young woman of color ages 24-34, whom we call “the forgotten ones” because everyone expects these women to succeed strictly based on high school completion, some college class or have graduated from college.  Our experience shows that this is indeed a misconception when it comes to women of color.  We have found this age and group to be on the precipice of either a long and arduous journey to dead-end jobs; which means low wages or if they are guided through our unique programs could make the turn to a thriving career trajectory.  Later, we hope to see these same young women leading at work, at home, and in the communities they love and we invite them into our Influential Leadership & Philanthropy Program for leadership training.  

We believe that women of color need a pathway to success with classroom learning, virtual webinars, mastermind groups, and retreats.  We offer all the above to maintain constant contact and influence the women of color we serve.


To revolutionize professional women of color thoughts and beliefs about power in order to empower them to seek positions of authority with confidence, ability, and determination.


To change the landscape of corporate America with Latinas occupying the C-Suites, leading in their communities, and reinvesting their time and money in helping the next generation succeed.


Board of Directors