About Us

Our mission is to help women of color rise to their full potential


Latinas On The Plaza  became a  501-C-3 non-profit organization in 2015.  Our focus is on accelerating the pathway to success for women of color. The pathway offers a Little Arrows Squad (for ages 4 – 6), FUERTE (Growing Strong) Program (for ages 23-34) and ArcHer Leadership Program (for ages 35+).

Our experience shows that women of color including little girls thrive in environments of like-minded, age groups and culturally inviting learning environments. We have designed programs that cater to the needs of women of color who have chosen professional careers and/or entrepreneurship. We strengthen her leadership skills, Her life skills and Her soft skills.

Our Little Arrows Squad is a year-long program that begins to mold little girls to see themselves as Smart, Strong and Safe.
In between the programs we offer workshops, virtual webinars, mastermind groups and retreats. We strive to maintain a supportive community during and post programs. We have a thriving Alumni Group(s) that enables our younger women to connect with our more seasoned women of color.

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To revolutionize professional women of color thoughts and beliefs about power in order to empower them to seek positions of authority with confidence, ability, and determination. [/columns][columns class=”medium-6″]


To change the landscape of corporate America with Latinas occupying the C-Suites, leading in their communities, and reinvesting their time and money in helping the next generation succeed.


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