Support a Young Woman of Color

About Us

Our passion is to help women rise to their full potential


Latinas On The Plaza is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping women of color with their professional development.   Understanding that women of color prefer cohort based learning with like-minded women, we have developed programs that provide them with this type of experience.  The Leadership Mastery Institute provides two cohort based programs:  The Influential Leadership & Philanthropy Program caters to the women of color who is already rising but she needs some additional wrap-around services specifically designed for her professional development.  The FUERTE Program caters to the younger woman of color who is just starting out her business career and is looking for guidance and direction from experienced women.  Upon completion of any of the programs, we offer monthly Mastermind Groups that provide a cohort of women with a full year of support that focuses on  a key professional development skills.  We use a topical book and timed hot seats that engage women in encouraging and supporting one another.  And,we also offer women’s weekend retreats and mini retreats that foster self awareness, smart goals, and other relevant topics that will help her grow.  Current offering include Designing your Life Plan and a Year of Intentional Living retreats.


To revolutionize professional women of color thoughts and beliefs about power in order to empower them to seek positions of authority with confidence, ability, and determination.


To change the landscape of corporate America with Latinas occupying the C-Suites, leading in their communities, and reinvesting their time and money in helping the next generation succeed.


Board of Directors