Preparing our young women to be Fuerte/Strong is our priority. 

Fuerte Leadership Program

Starts: Sept. 9 thru Oct. 14, 2023
October 21(Graduation)

Cost: $1000
Scholarships available if you qualify

Where: Live @ Latinas on the Plaza
3635 Hollywood Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513

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The FUERTE/STRONG Leadership Program immerses young women of color via a 5-week Boot Camp for Success.

What we provide

During the 5-weeks she is surrounded by a team including a Mentor, a Coach, a Project Consultant and a small team that meets weekly in our Brookfield location.



She must show up on time, do the work, set SMART Goals, be on a weekly team call, complete a project with her small team and make a presentation to a group of Sharks.

3 phases of
FUERTE (STRONG) Leadership Program


Camo Green Phase - Fundamentals -Life Disciplines

  • Find your Purpose
  • Commitment (Are you your word all the time?)
  • Self Management vs. Time Management (change)
  • Mentoring via Group with an Influential Woman
  • Meet your Tribe
  • Fear Project begins
  • Thinking outside the box-Experiential Leader
  • Understanding Your Personality Type plus 15 other types (MBTI)

Camo Beige/Brown Phase - Markmanship

  • Sharpen Your Soft Skills
  • Know your strengths and the right fit for your career (Strong & Holland Theory)
  • GRIT

Camo Pink Phase - Field Lessons - Go Beyond Your Limits

  • Storytelling Skills/Craft your Story
  • Communicate with Confidence
  • Professional Presence
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Powerful Networks
  • Fear Project Presentations

Key tools of leadership

The FUERTE/STRONG Leadership Program will immerse the young woman of color in key success skills required to thrive in Corporate America and/or other organizations. The program is comprised of 10 key skills:


Understanding Your Strengths

Critical/Creative Thinking


Personal Presence/ Story Telling


Dealing with Conflict

Challenging Your Limiting Beliefs

Project & Presentation Skills

Confidence & Using Your Voice

Leveraging Your Network

Participant Benefits

  • A cohort who will support and encourage your growth and development
  • An exclusive 5-week program with a carefully selected cohort
  • Relevant group project
  • Learn how to effectively navigate the workplace landscape
  • Experience Ten culturally based, highly interactive and creative sessions
  • Learn to Use cultural skills in the global work environment
  • Focus on your health and wellness
  • Career coaching
  • Books
  • Mentors assigned to team
  • Access to other like-minded women of color in your cohort
  • Access to instructors who have a passion to see you succeed
  • Access to full Latinas Mastery Institute Alumni

FUERTE (STRONG) Leadership Program immerses young women of color via a 10-week Boot Camp for Success.

Program Cost

Value: $4,000
Your Cost: $1,000 ( includes books, workbooks, backpacks, water bottles, branded t-shirt, coaching, LinkedIn Audit, Assessment(s), Escape Room, Continental Breakfast, fees for high ropes, workouts, etc.)
$200 Deposit to guarantee your spot in the program
(Scholarships are available)

Employer Benefits

A credentialed young woman of color who has been trained on key success skills that will improve her ability to thrive and grow in your organization.

Our Impact

Meet Gaby Tafolla

She waited four long years, where she would invite her family and friends to help her celebrate.  But this May, there are no proms and graduation ceremonies.  For college students who have worked so hard it is a disappointment.  Parents and friends, who were waiting for these celebratory moments, equally are disappointed.  This story came close to me at Latinas on the Plaza because it is now Gabriella Tafolla’s story, one of our alumni.

Gabriella wants to be a librarian, she has always known it.  When she started college…Continue reading Latinas on the Plaza Newsletter

Curriculum Includes


Week Zero: Transformation Begins

This is preparation time for each student. She will buy the class material and ensure that every Saturday is marked on her calendar. She will announce departure from the normal routines for the next 10 weeks to family and friends.


Week One: Fall In Reception

Meet your team, rules and regulations, and the process for the next 10 weeks. The topic is Commitment. The emphasis will be on the importance of being her word. A social event will be part of the day and begin the process of collaboration. Mentors will be in attendance at the social event.


Week Two: Understanding Types

Understanding your personality type and 15 other personality types.  We will use the Myers Briggs Assessment to identify your four letter type.  You will be immersed in a fun activity to allow you to exhibit your type and see the other types in action.  Gain courage as you experience Professor Mo’s bag of tricks. 


Week Three: Understanding Your Strengths

We will use Myers Briggs Strong Assessment to identify your interest and values and strengths.  Additionally, we will examine potential careers that fit your personality type and Strengths.  Your GRIT will be challenged via a series of challenges.  Do you have perseverance when the going gets tough? 


Week Four: Go Beyond Your Limits

Our amazing instructor will share her incredible life story and then help you craft your story.  Via the storytelling exercises you will craft the beginning of your life story.  Additionally, you will gain confidence in sharing your story.  We will examine what it means to have professional presence and how it can communicate our value to the world.


Week Five: Positioning

We will teach you how to negotiate salary and examine your network to determine its power or lack there in.  This is also the time to showcase your Fear Project.

Graduation & Celebration Ceremony.

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FUERTE (STRONG) Leadership Program.
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