FUERTE II course emphasizes the key skills and knowledge that are necessary to master in order to successfully move to your next career path. It will require you to map your next three to five career moves to avoid going down the wrong pathway. Your social media will be examined as well as an analysis of your network. You will also have live practices with mock interviews and networking sessions.

Program Info

Prerequisites: FUERTE I

Alumni Cost: $500 ($100 deposit
to guarantee your spot)

Runs: September-November

Virtual Sessions: Five Saturdays

Experiment Lane: 100 hours required


Experiment Lane

Experiment Lane is a place to practice and learn with virtual internships. A few interested organizations are:

  • Latinas on the Plaza
  • Autism Hero
  • Rose Gold Publishing
  • Alicia Ruiz Intern

Program runs in the Spring

Preparing our young women to be Fuerte/Strong is our priority. 


Curriculum Includes

We will focus on preparing you for your next 5 career moves.


Session 1: Career Mapping

Identify your Career Pathway


Session 2: Branding You

Understand the Gaps and Strengths of your Network in order to have a network that has “Power Brokers”


Session 3: Social Media

Clean up your Social Media to make it work in your favor


Session 4: Interviewing Skills

Learn and Practice Salary Negotiation


Session 5: Mock Interview & Become Better Positioned to get the Next Job(s)

Practice Mock Interviews

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