Empower a young woman of color.




Empower a young woman of color.


Latinas On The Plaza became a 501-C-3 non-profit organization in 2015. Our focus is on accelerating the pathway to success for women of color. The pathway offers The Little Arrow (for ages 4 – 9), FUERTE (STRONG) Leadership Program (for ages 19-30) and ArcHer Leadership Program (for Emerging Latina Leaders).

Our experience shows that women of color including little girls thrive in environments of like-minded, age groups and culturally inviting learning environments. We have designed programs that cater to the needs of women of color who have chosen professional careers and/or entrepreneurship. We strengthen her leadership skills, Her life skills and Her soft skills. We believe there is a Leader in Her, and we strive to bring that Leader out.

In between the programs we offer workshops, virtual webinars, mastermind groups and retreats. We strive to maintain a supportive community during and post programs. We have a thriving Alumni Group(s) that enables our younger women to connect with our more seasoned women of color


Luz Canino-Baker is a proven business leader with experiences in the corporate and non-profit sectors. After a successful twenty-eight year banking career, Ms. Canino-Baker took her innovative leadership skills to the non-profit sector in February 2007. Ms. Canino-Baker spent the greater part of her career in banking at First National Bank of Chicago/Bank One; now JPMorgan Chase. Ms. Canino-Baker has learned that she thrives in chaos and welcomes opportunities that allow her to use her strong analytical and organizational abilities.

Ms. Canino-Baker served as the Managing Director of Programs and Marketing for the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement, (HACE), in Chicago. She is the Founder of the now national Mujeres De HACE women’s leadership program.

Ms. Canino-Baker has a passion for seeing everyone perform at his or her full potential. As a result…

Our Programs

Leadership Mastery Institute

Helping girls and women of color reach their full potential. We Equip Her, we Empower Her, and we Engage her. We know that women have invaluable skills and when she is allowed to contribute, we will see the cycle of poverty end, the mindset of the imposter syndrome vanish, and she will become influential at work, at home, and in her community.

Little Arrows Squad

From Princess to Warrior
For little girls

Little Arrows I (ages 4-9),
Little Arrows II (First Graders) and
Little Arrows III (Second Graders)
Little Arrows IV (Third Graders)
Little Arrows V (Fourth Graders)

Runs the school year

FUERTE (STRONG) Leadership Program

For young women of color
Ages 19-30

ArcHer Leadership

Rising women of color
Emerging Latina Leaders
Spring & Fall

Our Impact

FUERTE has taught me to embrace myself and be more confident. To use my voice and tell my story, to be proud of my story and use it to inspire others.”

Andrea Salgado

Empowering Her
to Go Beyond!

Our programs empower Her to conquer Her limitations
to enable Her to reach Her full potential.

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