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Latinas On The Plaza: Issue 4

Meet Our High Potential Bench – In this newsletter, we are going to introduce you to a few of our alumni and a board member who is already on the talent bench. Long-time board member Dr. Damary Bonilla-Rodriguez has very strong credentials and she has done a significant amount of work in the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity arena. However she has her own tales of what she experienced making the difficult climb of advancing at work and getting equitable pay. In our informal survey over the last 10 year, we can safely say that out of 500 Latina women we have served, less than 10 reported a salary of $100K. This empirical evidence was recently confirmed by another colleague who is trying to encourage Latina women to buy their first homes. She was shocked to learn that those women in professional careers were all earning salaries under $40K. How do you buy a home? how do you provide children with higher education? how do you break the poverty cycle when Latina women earn such low wages?

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