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The Leadership Mastery Institute offers intensive cohort bases programs with a rigorous educational experience for women of color who seek even greater influence and impact.  Our programs bring together educators who have risen in their professional life and women of color who are in the process of rising to the highest level of leadership and philanthropy.

Little Arrows Squad

From Princess to Warrior
Runs the school year

Little Arrows I:
Little Arrows II:
(First graders)
Little Arrows III:
(Second graders)

Fuerte (Growing Strong)

For young women of color
Ages 19-34

ArcHer Leadership

Rising women of color
Ages 35+
Spring and Fall

Our Impact

FUERTE has taught me to embrace myself and be more confident. To use my voice and tell my story, to be proud of my story and use it to inspire others.”

Andrea Salgado

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