Whether it’s on the playground or at the bus stop, a common topic of conversation among parents is how challenging it has become to raise young girls. If it seems that your daughter is dealing with social and emotional issues at a much earlier age than you did, or that there are five-year-old “mean girls“ in kindergarten, it’s not just your imagination! (PBS Article Below)

Our Little Arrows Program A.R.R.O.W.S unleashes the ARROWS in every girl to help her prepare for her future. We want her to know Who She Is, and the Value she brings to the world. We offer three programs Little Arrows I for little girls ages 4-6 (Preschool/Kindergarten), Little Arrows II for little girls ages 7-8 (First Grade), Little Arrows III-ages 8-9(Second Grade), Little Arrows IV (Third Grade) and Little Arrows V (Fourth Grade).


Armor of Protection


Respect of Self

Own Her Behavior

Widens Her World View

Sees Her Success

What we provide

  • Squad Meetings
  • Experiences including Escape Room,
    High Ropes/Zip Lines
  • Classes that focus on Her as Smart,
    Strong , Safe
  • Classes that teach her Body Safety
    (ROAR Curriculum)



  • Attend all sessions
  • Parents reinforce learning
  • Our little girls see themselves as Smart, Strong and know how to be Safe


  • Includes 4 Sessions and One Adventure Activity during the school year.




      Program runs the school year


      SMART, Strong, SAFE. 

      about the program

      The Little Arrows Program we offer is unique in that we recruit girls from all over the metropolitan area of Chicago to ensure diversity. We have three groups: Little Arrows I (ages 4-6), Little Arrows II (First Graders) and
      Little Arrows III (Second Graders).

      Our curriculum is focused on Smart, Strong, Safe girls. We accomplish this via classes and experiences that allow her to become aware of who she is and how she has control over her behavior. We use a ROAR curriculum to teach her body safety and how to eliminate the possibility of sexual abuse.

      Little Arrows Program for Girls

      Little Arrows Curriculum








      Emotional Intelligence


      Little Arrows Squad

      Preschool/Kindergarten (Ages 4-6 )

      Little Girls today are bombarded with the pressures of what it means to grow up in a world where social media dominates. Wanting to be popular with so many followers and dealing with unkind words or bullying are things our girls will face. Even girls as young as 3 years old are mastering the use of smart phones, so to think that they are not going to want to use one is not really smart. So what if we could start early in helping Her understand who she is and value She brings to the table! We believe that if we start early to teach Her these things, she will have a better chance at overcoming these pressures when she enters the school system.

      We also talk about kindness versus bullying to teach her that sometimes bullies hurt too. With the growing news around sexual abuse and sexual harassment, it is paramount that we teach Her how to always be safe. The data shows that most sexual abuse occurs amongst someone the family knows. Additionally, we stretch her thinking to give her words and tools to use to become more gritty and brave.

      Little Arrows II

      First graders

      Little Arrows II is the next step in the journey of recognizing that You are Smart, You are Strong, and You deserve to always be Safe. You also need to understand the value of a diverse community. Understanding that you can learn from someone who does not look like you or even comes from your neighborhood.

      In Little Arrows II we continue to emphasize the Smart, Strong, and Safe messages. We will introduce the growth mindset since the girls are now in first grade and the exponential growth they will experience including reading, mathematics, social studies, and science. And, although we know they will thrive in school academically, we want to serve as a reinforcement of her emotional intelligence skills. We know that in this world in which social media can be devastating harmful to such young minds, it is critical that our girls at this very young age know who they are. It is also critical that we continue to teach our young girls how to operate so that they can always be safe.

      Little Arrows III

      Second graders

      In Little Arrows III we want to widen the girl’s worldview by meeting new friends.  We teach the girls to embrace their potential with joy and determination and become agents for change.  We continue to emphasize body safety, owning their behavior and teamwork. We introduce the topic of self-defense with respect to protecting her personal space and using her voice.  We want to instill confidence as a means of defense and a response to rejection.

      why little arrows?

      "Positive Organizations Can Help Young Girls Find Their “Inner Girl Power”


      Self Confidence

      Self Awareness

      Camaraderie with Squad

      Strength Building

      Know her inner power


      Parental involvement


      Participant Benefits

      • She will see herself as Smart and Strong
      • She will know how to be Safe from predators
      • Stronger Parent/Child Bond
      • Understand value of other girls just like her
      • Experience diversity
      • Badges to represent key learning for Vest

      Program Cost

      $50 (includes supplies & badges)


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