Adriana Galvan

Adriana Galvan

Salary Negotiation Instructor

Adriana Galvan is a Mexican-American (Dual Citizen) born and raised in Elgin, IL, she is the first born daughter of immigrant parents. Her father is from La Cieniga, Zimatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico and her mother being from Nuevo Laredo, Tamualipas, Mexico.

Education was instilled in her life at a young age. Which helped her have a successful educational career at a young age. She graduated from Elgin Community College in 2013 with an Associates of Arts. In 2016 she graduated from Judson University with a Bachelors of Arts. Adriana finished her double Masters in Business Administration in 2019 from The Graham School of Management at Saint Xavier University.

One of Adriana’s passions is traveling, she is well known for traveling to foreign countries, even alone, without any fears. She also never forgets where she comes from, being the only grandchild from both sides of the family who makes yearly trips to Mexico to visit family.  Another passion is people and she is deeply involved with a number of organizations that help her community thrive. Such as The Elgin Hispanic Network, The Literacy Connection, Rise and Thrive Latinas & The FUERTE Program.

She started her career in Human Resources, is currently a Regional HR Business Partner and has taken an opportunity to be a Latina Business owner with her financial literacy education and money coaching business. She is the owner and founder of Adriana Talks Dinero, LLC. She wants to inspire and empower the minority and disadvantaged with the skills and knowledge to gain a conscious path to financial freedom with her small business.