Diane Leon

Diane Leon


Diane Leon


Someone You Should Know: Master Mind Leader- Diane Leon

Area where you would generally hold in person meetings: Northwest Suburbs

Education: 2013 graduate program at University of St. Mary of the Lakes in Mundelein for the Archdioceses of Chicago’s Lay Ministry Program
Women’s Leadership Networking Program

What are your two top strengths? Organizational Skills, Communication and networking

What are your top two values? Empowering others, Faith formation is instrumental in my decision making, actions and values

Best Advice I’ve ever received: A dime spent on Education is never wasted

What is your passion? Mentoring others within a myriad of communities programs which I belong to.

Volunteer activities: Big Brothers Big Sister. Faith formation programs for the past 20 years in a multitude of roles in diverse ministries. Junior Achievement Volunteer for the past 10 years for elementary bilingual children. Archdiocese of Chicago’s SPRED program – Special needs catechist for the children with special needs

My Hero’s: Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta: She lived by the rule of us all being called upon to do great things with love. My 96 year old Father Macario Pesina, who still teaches me the value of hard work, being current with world events and never too old for change.

My Tip for Success: Being involved and staying involved. Continuous education in a variety of fields

Be ready to change your mind but not your principals. Nelson Mandela